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What is a good photo ? 7 great IGers answer

What is a good photo ? This is a difficult question. Are there aesthetic or technical rules ?

I wanted to hear from some great instagramers !…

So, I asked each of them to answer the following question : “For you, WHAT IS A GOOD PHOTO ?”.
I added just one constraint : they had to answer by using only one sentence.

Here are their answers along with one photograph that they chose from their Instagram gallery to illustrate their words.
This is an opportunity to discover their work if this has not yet been done.

Presentation is in alphabetical order :

“A good photo is a visual sentiment which has the ability to touch the mind of others.”

@aliveinnyc / Renzo from New-York – USA



“A good photo is a photo that makes the invisible visible.”

@boaeatselephant / Asia from Amsterdam – Holland



“Images that restore our own memories, cultural references and the sense of being human – those are the ones which moves us.”
@buja / Marcos from Sao Paulo – Brazil



“For me a good photo leaves something for the imagination.”

@cirkeline / Christina from Copenhagen – Denmark



“I determine a good photo to be one with more than one layer, which at first glance incites a pleasing visceral reaction, and then more slowly unfolds a mood, story, irony, or point of view.”
@gwenweinberg / Gwen from Seattle – USA



“For me, a good photo is one that speaks to me, that tell me a story …”
@murcielaguillo / José Antonio from Aguilas – Spain


“What makes a good photo to me is the ability of a picture to capture an emotion, mood or thought which speaks beyond the image itself and communicates the human condition – its speaks not of a lonely man but of loneliness.”
@whittiersam / Sam from Los Angeles – USA



As you can see, in this post nobody talks about technical aspects of photography. Even if we know that mastering some of them is important, only intangible feelings are evocated here : “Invisible, memories, imagination,…”

There is no certitude about what a good photo is. We all have a different sensitivity, we all have a different story.

Thank you all for your kind contribution.

Dear readers, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you !
We have so much to learn from each others…