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une plume, un regard

We often hear that a good photo tells a story.

What if a writer wrote a story based on your photographs ? A passionate french photographer made this idea alive ! It is called “UNE PLUME, UN REGARD”.

Stephane Mahe, also known as @stefanmahe on Instagram initiated this project in july 2011. He had the idea of bringing together two forms of artistic expressions : photography and writing.

He then suggested to his friend and accomplice Dominique Le Brun, journalist at Rue89, to take on a new challenge : To write short stories based on photographs without having any indication neither any title. The writer would be free to interpret the picture any way he wants. The first duo was born : Stéphane as a photographer / Dominique as a writer.

Stephane wanted to go to basics : one photograph along with one story every week.

“Even if each of them has its own life, we try to intersect both forms of expression.” Stéphane Mahé

Stephan created a bilingual website and has then tried to publish once a week.

Below is an illustration of the site together with the original image and text.



©Stéphane Mahé


7th Round


Come on, get back up on your feet,
You’re not knocked out yet,
Just a bit groggy.
You’re tired and have lowered your guard
Everything is spinning and crashing around,
You’ve been through worse, hang in there.
There he is, facing you, fueled by rage,
He will make you suffer, again and again.

But you’ll get back up, start again slowly.
But at a steady pace and with a steady gaze.
Go on, breathe in, breathe out. Everything will be fine.

You got no choice but to conquer your demons,
So what if he happens to embody them
Tonight, on this old boxing ring.
He’s too sure of himself, we’ll be going the distance.
Step up your footwork, so he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
The bell rings.
Back to the boxing ring.
He puts forward his tough fists but his knuckles are tense.
Let’s throw punches and hurt him right away.
Then he’ll be running around, slowly wearing himself out.
Avoid taking too many hits.
If he picks me up, I’ll fall down.
Bend him at the knees.
Cheerleader number 7
With a nice butt and a sign in her hands, is watching me over in a dark corner.

Left, left, right, right.
He’s bloody and throws in the towel.

You won tonight.
You’ll be healing your wounds
In the bed of the pretty girl who’s coming towards you.


Dominique Le Brun

So far, the duo has been mainly composed by Stéphane and Dominique, but Stéphane is open to possible new collaborations depending on his feeling. Thus, he recently invited new artists to join the project :

Duo 2 – Photographer : Bénédicte Guillon aka @iphoneographic on IG  / text : Florence Vincenot

Duo 3 – Photographer : Xavier Reyé / text : Dominique Le Brun


To discover more :

Facebook :

Twitter : @plumeetregard


Translation : Anne Gutzmer / aka @donkey_monkey on Instagram
Eyeem :


Second duo :

Writer : Florence Vincenot
Photographer : Bénédicte Guillon / aka @iphoneographic on Instagram!


Third duo :

Writer : Dominique Le Brun aka Charles Mouloud
Photographer : Xavier Reyé