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@theseventhshore from Sydney

Today, we are pleased to welcome Markus Andersen from Sydney | AUSTRALIA in our Mobile Photography Gallery.

Markus tells us about this picture as well as about both his technique and influences in the field of photography.



Markus A.

Instagram and EyeEm: @theseventhshore



“I captured the image very late in the day; the light was falling fast and shadows were deep and long. I was waiting on a corner ready to cross the street and I noticed the split red and yellow paint on the wall behind me and a few intersecting white lines on the road behind the wall. I waited for a minute or so to assess how the shadows of those who passed by were being cast onto the coloured brick. I thought to myself that it would be great if someone interesting walked into frame and then they did – a tall guy with a Dick Tracy style hat and big black coat. I only took a single frame, it was lucky enough to hit the mark.”


“The image was shot with ProCamera & I exposed for the brightest point in the scene; giving me deep crushed blacks and a more saturated image. Then in Snapseed I slightly increased contrast & altered colour balance a little to give the image a little more warmth.”


“My photographic tastes are eclectic. Ranging from Josef Koudelka, Ian Berry (his book ‘The English’ in particular), Constantine Manos, Harry Gruyaert, William Albert Allard to Roger Ballen , Joel-Peter Witkin or William Eggleston, etc…”