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The Best Instagram accounts? Who knows…

“The Best Instagram accounts?”, this is both a very subjective and personal question.

There are so many great Instagram accounts to follow.

I think Instagram may be considered in two different ways: Either you share your daily life even if that means showing your dog with a pretty smile, or you try to do your best as a photographer. Both are respectable but here we tend to prefer the second option. :-)

So let’s talk photography.

Then, the question is: What is a good photo? we already discussed this subject in a previous blog post:

At, we believe that a good photo must bring emotion. This can be achieved by many ways but generally a good photo attracts you because it brings together some key elements: the subject, the moment, composition and light (don’t forget that photography means “writing with light”…).

I love this famous quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson: “To take a photograph… It is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis.”

Instagram has reached 50 millions+ users. Amazing but the higher is this number the more difficult it is to choose people worth following.

On this website as well as on Instagram (@emotiondaily), we aim at discovering and showcasing talented mobile photographers.
Everyday, we feature a photograph that we think meets the above conditions..
No matter the number of followers you have…

The selected image is also presented on our Facebook Page in a larger format. You can connect directly via the sidebar.

Here is a video presenting the first 22 photographs featured as “Emotion of the Day” on both our Instagram and Facebook Page.


[wpvideo S8AFoWQ7]


Below the most liked photograph to date on our Instagram’s feed.
Published by @tenebrogg the 1st of July.

Below the most liked photograph to date on our FB page.
Published by @aniexe the 29th of June.


Thank you all for having tagged your photos. Already 3400+ photos in just over a month.
It is a true pleasure to discover new talents. Keep up the good work!

IG: @emotiondaily