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The 24 hour Project: Backstage in Jakarta


On March 23rd 2013 for the second consequential year The 24 Hour Project¬†initiated by Renzo | @aliveinnyc and Sam | @whittiersam brought “together” photographers from all over the world to represent 35+ cities on the 5 continents.

Photographers were invited to document their city for 24 hour starting at midnight on Friday 22nd.
If this year the theme was Etni[city], photographers had as last year, no precise rule to follow except to post a photo per hour – taken the previous elapsed hour – on a photo social sharing network such as Instagram, EyeEm or Backspaces.

Meanwhile an amazing curation work was done by two great ladies Anna | @annacox and Gotham | @gk_too. Both kept posting photos tagged #24HR13 from all over the world in order to document the adventure on the 3 photo networks + Twitter almost in real time.

If for a photographer the project lasted 24 hours, for those 2 it was a story of no less than 38 hours. It started with the Australian photographers and ended up with the American west coast ones…

The largest gathering for the event undoubtedly occurred in Jakarta.
18 guys belonging to 2 different street photography groups –ISTRIE, Indonesian Street Mobile Photography and Streetbanditos– have met up to hit Jakarta streets together for 24 hours.

Prass | @prassprasetio, one of the photographers, made a video of their adventure. They clearly had an exhausting day but with so much fun: look at it, I bet you will smile if not laugh out loud.

Who would not love to share a photowalk with this amazing team?


24 Hour Project – Jakarta from prassprasetio on Vimeo.

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