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Street Photography: the magic world of Dave Weekes


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Today, we are pleased to welcome Dave Weekes living in Tokushima | JAPAN

We already wrote a blog post about Dave’s amazing work. You can find it here: Emotion of the week is Dave Weekes


Dave tells us about the following picture called “Crowds”.



Dave Weekes

Instagram:  @daveweekes68 |  EyeEm: @davidweekes3


“It was taken last year at Ebisu Shrine during Ebisu Festival in Tokushima City in western Japan.
The festival is held around the second week of January. People go to the shrine to pray for good fortune for their business. Needless to say it’s a very popular event.
This photo was taken near the front of the shrine where people pray. I turned around and saw this huge crowd behind me and took the shot with my iPhone held up over my head.”


“At the time I was using my iPhone 4 and shot with the native camera.
It’s pretty heavily processed. If I can remember correctly, I used BlurFX, Iris(which I was using a lot then), Blender and Pro HDR.

I had wanted to take a photo that looked almost collage-like with all of the different faces. Using BlurFX allowed me to achieve that to some degree, I think.
I was really happy with how this turned out for that reason and also because it was different from what I had done before.”

“It also reminded me that what is behind us can sometimes be more interesting than what is in front of us.” Dave Weekes



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