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Storytelling in Photography by Alex Paul

Storytelling in Photography is something that Alex Paul | @klickfilm on Instagram | practices everyday.

Alex lives and works in Essen, Germany as a Creative Director at marcellini, a creative agency.

If you don’t know his pictures and funny captions yet, quickly go and visit his singular feed on Instagram!
Alex has a unique sense of both observation and humor.

Here is a short interview with Alex who kindly accepted to tell us about his vision of storytelling in Photography.

Take the time to read the captions, a crucial element in Alex’s work!

“For the first time after 17 years, he was close to say something nice about her new hair-do. A camera click sidetracked him and left Barbara behind with some dreams.”


P: Pierre      A: Alex

P: Alex, could you tell us about your approach of Street Photography?

A: Taking pictures on the street is like a game. You have to play it foresighted, quick, sometimes dirty.
Its spontaneous and powerful. Its powerful because its so real. And, if its well done, you will feel the moment, hear it, smell it.
Captured moments out of the life of somebody, anybody, a nobody, which is a body.
Freaks, characters and Madame and Monsieur Untel, as you may say in France.

“Early Years of Hugh Heffner”


P: You help the reader imagine what lies behind the characters of your photos. How do you proceed?

A: I like telling stories to implicate the beholder into the photo and to strenghten the visual content.
Around the actors I build a context, which has the chance to be possible and true. Every good joke has a real core, thats why the stories about the photo substance sometimes show up quite funny. Because situations and the people involved are normal and real, they become known and familiar.

“George was totally convinced of his aristocratic roots and claims a kiss on the hand”


P: I guess that the mobile device allows you to act more spontaneously than with a traditional camera. What do you think of this new form of photography?

A: Todays life is unthinkable without Mobiles and Mobilephotography. What we gonna do which all the data in 100 years?
Sneaking photos with a mobile is fun. It’s the limited performance of the cam that makes Mobilephotography so interesting.
All that dirty filters allows us to fill the shots with some individual emotion. That makes it very personal.
And therefore you may have a better idea of the photographer and his life script.

“At the moment Officer O’Hara recognizes the way the lady puts her hands up, she knew it was Lucy, the wonk from elemantary school.”


P: Where do you get this great sense of humor?

A: Do you think its great? Thank you!
Maybe because my mother made me watch Jaques Tati when i was 13 years old.
Shortly after I was under strong influence of Monty Python and Loriot, who was a great german humorist.
This could be the reason why :D

P: Thank you Alex. Keep on writing the story of our streets through your photos!




“Mr. Wung wasn’t convinced at all.”


“Although Mr. Parker cleared space in his apartment, he didn’t feel confident of Cheapjacks offering.”


“Working man watching into camera instead of working.”


“Hunger and love are the driving power of all human” actq. 2/9


“Mono eating, Stereo drinking.”


“Hard days for limo thiefs. Reading the manual to find driver’s door.”