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Photo Marathon in Paris

Saturday, March 24th, 65+ mobile photographers from all over the world did a photo marathon : 24 hours of photo shots without sleep.

Thanks to Renzo (@aliveinnyc on Instagram) and Sam (@whittiersam), we could live our passion without any limit. Please read my previous post in case you have not heard about the “24 hour project” or visit :

I was part of this crazy project and I had the pleasure to team up with 3 great Igers : Claudine (@Clok_moitie), Latife (@latibod) and the famous Eros (@eros_sana).

This was such an amazing experience to share our passion during 24 hours ! Usually, when I take photographs with my iPhone in the street, my entourage is quickly saturated because I am completely rapt. This time, as each of us is seriously addict, nobody was annoyed.

We didn’t know each other excepted Claudine and Eros who had already met. I have to say that there was a really good atmosphere. We laughed a lot and there was soon a certain complicity between us. It was like we already knew each other.
From left to right and from top to bottom : Latife, Claudine, Eros, Pierre


12:00 am : “Let’s go !”

Nobody in the group had planned any route. We decided to follow our desires. No specific target, we wanted to be free. We started in the very center of the town at Châtelet and decided to go in the “quartier latin” where there are many bars. The weather was fine, not too cold. Thus, there were a lot of people sitting outside cafes. Great playground !
Here are some photos taken during the night. We were inspired by lovers. France is the country of love, right ?

1:00 am “Happy” by Latife / @latibod

1:00 am “Ignition” by Claudine / @clok_moitie

12:00 am “Love in Paris” by Pierre / @emotiondaily

6:00 am “Grabbing” by Eros / @eros_sana


Recovery,complicity, game, friendship,…

Latife asleep in the metro / Claudine enjoying her crazy night…

Iphone duel !


Eros playing with our shadows

Claudine and Eros in the corridors of the metro
The day was long but my partners and I agree to say that the night passed very quickly. We walked a lot and made several breaks in order both to have rest and to charge our phones !
The sun rose quickly. We didn’t manage to climb the “Butte Montmartre” before the sunrise… But who cares ? It was unique to walk in the deserted streets in the early hours of the day, especially in Montmartre district. The weather was fine, the view over Paris was great, and we knew that we would soon have breakfast !:)
We realized that we were living magic moments.


“It was very refreshing to share with other crazy igers all over the world.
We also received very kind comments from many people on Instagram and this helped us a lot ! Thanks guys !”

The most difficult moments were without any doubt after lunch and the three last hours. We were like zombies wandering the streets…
The drawback of the iPhone is that you have to charge the batteries very often. On the other hand, you don’t need to carry a heavy bag and that makes a worthy difference if you want to stay in good shape as long as possible. As the device is very light, you just have to open your eyes to the street.
One thing is sure : we are looking forward to the next event !
Dear marathon street photographers, don’t hesitate to leave your comments here. We would love to hear from you !


And don’t forget to check out these streams on IG :

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