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Mobile Photography Tips for beginners

Mobile phones were notorious for taking poor quality images, but now they are equipped with excellent cameras and much better quality lenses. This has lead to a craze in mobile photography with people all over the world taking artistic photos and cleverly editing them. Believe it or not, mobile phones can take some really stunning images which you could believe were taken on a compact camera or even a DSLR.

All networks, from Orange to O2 are releasing new and improved models of mobile phones which come with excellent quality cameras as well as other features. You can even buy clip-on camera lenses which help to enhance your photos.. If you haven’t tried mobile phone photography before then you’re in the right place because this blog post will show you a few photography hints and tips to get you started.

1. The right light

The best place to take photographs is outside on a sunny day; the better lit your subject is the clearer your image is likely to be. If you’re shooting inside, be sure to turn on the lights or even project a flash light onto your subject. However, the only problem with using artificial light is that it impacts the color cast in your shots, so you may have to alter your white balance to fix it.
If you go Street Photography, try to shoot when the sun has the softest light in the morning or at dawn.

2. Up close and personal

Avoid using your digital zoom because this lessens the quality of your image. Instead, try and get as close to your subject as possible. But be careful because getting too close on some model camera phones creates distortion, especially if there isn’t a macro or close focusing mode.

3. Keep Still

Keeping a steady hand is vital to capturing a clear image. It is especially important if you are shooting in low-light situations. One useful trick is to lean your camera phone against a solid object, then quickly tap the capture button and step away.

4. Choose the best photo apps

Here is my recommendation regarding some apps you should get in order to properly take and edit your photographs:
– Pro Camera: This app gives you manual control over both the exposure and focus point of your image. Among other features, you will also find a fast shutter and an antishake mode.
– Snapseed: Probably one of the best photo editing apps. It provides everything you need to work on your images.

So, that’s it. You don’t need more to start having fun!