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Mobile photography 2012 | a selection

Best of mobile photography in 2012?

2012 has been marked by an incredible growth of mobile photographers sharing their photos on platforms such as Instagram. This growth made it difficult to identify people worth to follow.

Apart from presenting photographers on this website, we also created a hashtag on instagram #emotion_daily 7 months ago, allowing you to submit your work. Thanks to this hashtag, we have been able to discover new photographers, and we love that. We have posted more than 100 photos as “Emotion of the Day”, a way to promote the work of talented mobile photographers all around the world.

To start this new year, we have decided to do a world tour and to present a selection of 21 mobile photographers that particularly drew out our attention. 

The selection has been tricky! Many other names would have deserved a place here but we have decided to choose one photographer per country excepted for the USA (too many photographers…) in order to give an overview of mobile photography worldwide.

www.emotiondaily is a space for curation.

Our team is getting bigger and we are proud to announce that Cécile Edelist | @cecile_e  has joined us.

Cécile is not only a great photographer, but she is also passionate with Art and Photography. She is both member of the Tiny Collective and of Mobile Photo Paris.

We are building something new for mobile photography lovers. Stay tuned and happy new year!


HERE IS THE SELECTION (from East to West, starting from Iran):
To help you to easily find the mobile photographers presented, we have attached their Instagram nicknames.

The streets of Tehran in Hipstamatic Black and white by Ako | @f64s125 – Tehran, IRAN


Ferli’s compositions | @iliefunk – Bali, INDONESIA


The Eye and the Hip by Miguel | @miguels_foto  – Cebu, PHILIPPINES


David, The Artist | @daveweekes68 – Tokushima, JAPAN


The special light of Sydney by John | @_jp  – Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Black and white emotions by David | @doobie_howser – San Francisco, USA


Documenting L.A by Sam | @whittiersam Los Angeles, USA


The poetic editing of Anie | @aniexe – MEXICO


The humankind of Renzo’s photographs | @aliveinnyc – NYC, USA


The sensitive life observation by Marina | @vladilenovna – Maine, USA


The pulse of the city by Marcos | @buja – Sao Paulo, BRAZIL


The sensual images of Ornella | @a_lisbon_affair – Lisbon, PORTUGAL


In love with Street Photography by Aurora | @auroramichavila – Madrid, SPAIN


A brazilian light in London streets by Fernando | @fc_lombardi – London, ENGLAND


The elegant french touch by Agnès | @ellla_k  – Marseille, FRANCE


The special atmosphere of Oslo by Havard | @howardography Oslo, NORWAY


Mastered minimalism by Christian | @kopete – GERMANY


The mood of a pionneer by Christina | @cirkeline – Copenhagen, DENMARK


Rome through the eyes of Marya | @_marya_ – Rome, ITALY


The artistic experimentations of Aylin | @xxfromneptune – Istanbul, TURKEY


Art portraits by Junna | @junna_nikitina – Moscow, RUSSIA

Image on Cover: ©Dave Weekes