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Mobile photo awards 2013: Prass Prasetio stands out

The Mobile Photography Awards have announced 2013 winners.

One of them has particularly drawn our attention: Prass Prasetio in the JUXT Photo Journalism category.

This picture showing a little girl asleep among graves in a public cemetery in South Jakarta is fantastic.

The mix of innocence and dramatic power leaves us amazed for a long time. This is a great BW photograph!

Like every good picture, there is a story behind and Prass kindly accepted to tell us more about it.


“Little Girl Naps among the Graves”  ©Prass Prasetio



“Last November, I saw announcement about Mobile Photo Award 2013. I didn’t got the chance to join the previous one, I thought, I had to join this year.

Then I started to go over my photo files that’s been in my hardisk. I chose 2 categories, Street Photography and JUXT Photo Journalism because I really love this 2 genres. I only submitted 3 photos, 2 for Street Photography and 1 for JUXT Photo Journalism.

Believe it or not, I submitted the photos at the very last minute, on Dec 15, 2012.

Then, on Jan 25, I saw the announcement for Street Photography category winner via twitter and the official website. But unfortunately my submission for the category didn’t elected by the judge. Oh well, I still had one more chance then, I thought. It turned out that the JUXT Photo Journalism category was announced the next day, on Jan 26. I didn’t expect to win at all that my photo would be the Judges selection. And I was even more excited and happy when I found out that I was the winner in this category.” Prass Prasetio.




“I wanna share you about this photo titled “Little Girl Naps among the Graves”.

Yes the title is quite ironic right? I took the photo when I was taking a break for a drink after taking some photos for my project called “IRONIC COMEDY” (you can check out this project on flickr it’s a long-term project of mine, which located in public cemetary where the concept is taking photos of Indonesian Comedian Gravestones).
Sorry I’m carried away.

Anyway, back to my photo, when I was resting, I saw this little girl, who was taking a nap among the graves.

I just took out my iPhone. I wasn’t going to take the moment with my DSLR, ’cause I didn’t wanna wake her up.

I took some snaps and went back sitting and continued drinking. It turned out that the little girl is the daughter of the drink seller in that cemetary area. “I told her to sleep there. Nobody will look out for her at home, ’cause I’m working out here” her mother said to me.

Tanah Kusir, Jakarta is a Public Cemetary for South Jakarta. The neighborhood is well-known for underprivilleged people, with semi permanent housing complex, where a house is filled with more than 1 family.

So thats the story behind the photo.” Prass Prasetio


Prass also sends a warm Hi! for Parisian iPhoneographers. Thank you very much Prass!

Instagram: @prassprasetio
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