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iphoneography meets graphic design with @abcdebes

Mobile photography pushes the limits of everyday creativity.

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia in the 80’s, Ebes Rasyid | @abcdebes on Instagram | is a self-employed Graphic Designer in Jakarta.

IPhoneographer, author of “iShoot” Guide Book For iPhoneographers, Ebes explains how he uses mobile photography as a creative way to build a link between photography and Graphic Design.

“My aim in life is to be creative and I believe it comes out in everything I do”



P: Pierre    E:Ebes

P: Ebes, can you tell us about your passion for iphoneography?

E: My aim in life is to be creative and i believe it comes out in everything I do. I’ve always been surrounded by interesting and artistic characters in my life. I’m interested in so many things, I find it hard to focus on JUST ONE! Creativity was a big part of my life. And I would like to get a job shooting with my iPhone.

What I love about iPhoneography is that it is expressed in so many ways, but I also really love the spontaneity that it offers in all types of situations because the iPhone can go everywhere with me. I love that I can create wherever I go! I’ve processed pictures while driving (in the passenger seat) on long road trips, on the beach, in bed, and yes… on the toilet.
It was during that time that I was forging my visual identity, discovering my style and what really made me tick. Typically, though I just point and shoot. I rarely set up shots. I snap everything that moves me.

After buying an iPhone in March 2011, it was love at first sight, and I knew what I was going to use to create!
Then someone showed me an app called Instagram, so I said to him “how cool it was”. Once I found that, I started photographying everything and posted it. I’m glad I “finally” signed up for Instagram on July 2011. It’s changed (again) the way I look at the world.
After a few months I joined Instagram, I started to get in touch with people that had the same passion for iPhoneography. Then I joined the iPhoneographers Indonesia Community (iPhonesia) in October 2011.
The reactions to my work were positive and encouraging. I’ve been interviewed for Idea Exchange for my work, and some of instagrammers that asked me to contribute for iphoneographers blogs.

P: How came the idea to mix photography and design?

E: I have a Background in Graphic Design and Photography, and instagram lit a creative fire in me. It creates balance between both design and photography. IPhoneography allows me to be spontaneous wherever I am and whatever the occasion, without having to worry about my technique since this device does have limitation.

My aim in graphic design is to create realism out of non-realism. In my opinion, this is the crucible of artistic graphic design. The ability to picture something fantastic in your mind, and to be able to transfer it with your iPhone.

P: What about your creative process? Do you already have the final intention in mind when shooting?

E: Sometimes the idea comes first. Sometimes an image pops into my head and then I create something from that. Otherwise there’s no real meaning for me. But that’s what makes the process of creation exciting. Coming up with ideas that are new, unique, and personal that can then be shared with the world. And thanks to technology, where all people can work or represent something with pictures anywhere, anytime. As a result, the internet now serves as a gallery space, with the ease (or limits) to create an open environment where the medium itself encourages exploration and creativity.

Collaboration with Android Photographer: @daveedgamboa
P: As you are a creative person, I guess you find inspiration in different ways, right?

E: I love collaborating with other creative people; it makes the process of creativity so much enjoyable. Indeed, for me, inspiration comes from many places. There are so many people that inspire me as a creative person and as a human being that it’s hard to isolate one individual.

My son is a huge source of inspiration and joy also. He inspires me to be more imaginative, more expressive, and more excited about everything in the most honest way. These are the things that keep my perspective on life and creativity.

P: What are your favorite apps?

E: My apps for processing are SnapSeed, Vsco, Pxlromatic+. For Design it’s ArtStudio, Phonto, and Blendr.

I have recently worked on my own project called #theworldinsideofus series. I’ve always been interested in layering and double exposures. I love how they come out and their quality. I’m going to make the exhibition for this project with the catalogue, hoping that this will inspire local iphoneographers.

P: Can you tell us about the book you have recently published?

E: After experimenting for almost a year, I was thinking to write a book about iPhoneographers with my fellow iPhonesia Friend (@kareljori). The book called “iShoot” The Guide Book for iPhoneographers (it’s currently in Bahasa) was published on May 2012. What’s inside is you are not only using your iPhone to talk, browse, email, tweet, or text. It has the power to make you a better iPhoneographer. It explains the first step before you take a picture with your iPhone and tips for edit and some of applications that you want to use with the style of the edits/genre. Also loosen up your traditional approach to photography toward defining your unique vision.

P: Thank you very much Ebes!

E: Thank you Pierre for the opportunity to talk about my iPhoneography journey. I am excited to have this medium as a form of expression and I am very grateful for the people who take time to visit my work.