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iPhone video clips by Dominique Issermann for Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has started a new tour.

The singer told Dominique Issermann to make 8 clips, gathered in “MOMENTS OF” inspired by his new album “OLD IDEAS”.

The 8 clips’ average duration is 1’30 and were made entirely with an iPHONE.

Not only Apple’s iPhone has been a revolution for many beginners in Photography, but it has also become a new device for professionals.
When I asked Dominique Issermann why she used an iPhone rather than a professional camera, she answered me: “I haven’t even thought about it!”

The famous french artist excels in the art of photographing women in black and white.
Leonard Cohen’s words together with Dominique Issermann’s images create something really moving.

Here is the video:

An app “LEONARD COHEN” is also available on the APP STORE.
It contains a lot of informations, quotes by LEONARD COHEN, and the 13 minutes from “MOMENTS OF”.