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The purpose of this blog is not to do Apps reviews. There are already a lot of blogs or websites on internet that do that very well. However, I find it useful to talk about one of them that I use more and more often called Instagallery.

Instagallery allows you to do everything you do on Instagram in a more comfortable way.
This app is available on both the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad is reviewed here because it has a more complete interface.

In my opinion, the top features are :

– You can see pictures in a much larger size

– You can go through your feed very quickly from beginning to end just by scrolling up and down

– You can like and tap comments with a larger keyboard

– You can create favorite sets in order to find your preferred igers quickly

Here are some screenshots showing the main functions :

As you can see on the three following images, when you tap the icon on the top right, you can select easily the section you want to enter. Then, when you tap on an image, it is enlarged. When you tap it again, you get a full screen image.
You can see all the information related to the image (tag, title, number of likes, comments) and interact by liking or commenting.





Simply tap on top of the screen to add one user to your favorite sets :


Find your preferred igers very quickly by looking at your favorite sets :


This app is a good complement to Instagram’s one.

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