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Igers Inspiration

Hey ! Igers, where do you find inspiration ?

Of course, we all have our own sources of inspiration when both taking and editing photographs. But I think that most of the time inspiration is unconscious.  As an Instagram addict, I think that we all are inspired by each other. And the more we look at photographs on IG, the more we are influenced, even unconsciously.

What is absolutely magical in mobile photography is the ability to edit instantly any way you like ! Generally, when I edit a photo on my Iphone, I do it rather quickly, following my instinct. I can play with many apps but when I start I already know what I want. Where does it come from ? I don’t know ! I think I have collected so many memories in my mind that editing comes naturally.

Generally speaking, each of us have images hidden in ones memory which influence photographic work.

Today, I would like to put forward a photographer whose images I love : David Booker (@_blemish_).

When he is asked about his main influences, David mentions Kristamas Klousch, David Sylvian, Joanna Newson, Haruki Murakami and Francesca Woodman. They are not all photographers, but they are great artists.
I like the idea that we are influenced by a mixture of musicians, writers, painters, filmmakers, and obviously photographers.

As David mentioned Francesca Woodman, here is a video presenting the work of this great photographer who unfortunately died young.
Francesca Woodman was born in 1958. She was precocious and supremely talented.
Her work is now considered to be among the most important and distinctive of her time.
Her work was often stark and she was her own nude model in complex, textured environments.
Deeply depressed, Francesca committed suicide in 1981.


Some photographs from Francesca Woodman. Click to enlarge.



Below are some pictures from David’s IG stream.
And you ? What are your influences ?