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If I were William Weggleston by @emencher

Eric Mencher aka @emencher on Instagram is a documentary photographer based in Philadelphia in the United States.
At the end of the post, Eric tells us about his approach of photography as well as about his iPhone blog that he decided to name “If I were William Weggleston”.

Also visit Eric’s website where you will discover a very interesting work:











A few words about Eric Mencher’s iPhone blog “If I Were William Weggleston”

“I was trying to be funny (not so successfully!) when I named my blog.┬áIt’s a combination of William Eggleston (whose work I love) and William Wegman (whose work, particularly with the dogs, sort of bores me, but I love his sense of humor). And I was wondering, if there was a photographer who combined their sensibilities, what would the photos look like? But of course I don’t think my photos look anything like what a combination of Eggleston and Wegman would be. Maybe I should change the blog’s name!

As for my pictures, I just wander around with my iPhone in hand looking for anything that might make an interesting image. That could be a moment in the street, a still-life, a portrait, an abstraction, etc…

I’m open to anything. I have a good time doing it (always have, in the 35 years I’ve done photography), and ultimately I hope that my photos connect people as well as connect with people. And Instagram is the perfect outlet for that.

My blog is just what I post to Instagram, and to be honest, I pay a lot more attention to Instagram than to the blog world. I love photography and it’s ability to educate and to entertain, and to enrage and to soothe. It’s a powerful medium. Maybe overused today (does everything really need to be photographed?), but better overused than under-appreciated.

My home is in Philadelphia in the United States, my heart is all over the world. Right now I’m living (with my wife, Kass Mencher-@kmencher on Instagram) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for six months. We’ve also been living part of the year in Guatemala.”