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Hipstamatic Life Fragments by Vitùc

Mobile photographers often use Hipstamatic app to add a poetic touch to their images.
Vitùc goes far beyond by telling stories of everyday life with high sensitivity.

After his last Hipstamatic video called “Yesterday”, Vitùc made a new emotional short film by assembling 3000 images.

Watch this timelapse video and let yourself be moved. Animated photographs together with the music really bring emotion!


life fragments from Vitùc on Vimeo.


I asked Vitùc to tell us more about his second hipstamatic video:

“This is a collection of Timlapse I made during the last five months.

Always with my iPhone, I took it out of my pocket every time a specific situation brought me the emotion needed to make a time lapse. Sometimes you had to be quick in order to capture the fleeting moment. On other occasions, I had all the time and most importantly, I had my tool still in my pocket. That allows this kind of work.

After my film “Yesterday”, which was quite successful on both vimeo and blogs, I wanted to create another composition, this time with two parallel sequences, like two connected worlds.

Amongst the almost 3000 photos taken, I only kept those that inspired me the most. I also wanted the selection to be in harmony with the music composed by Reid Willis.

For this last movie, I have added sounds to give another dimension to the atmosphere.

The photos were taken in many european places, Italy, Berlin, Luxembourg, Paris high speed train, office, home, etc..

It’s funny to see people wondering what I can do with this cell phone, especially when I have to shoot fifty times before having my time lapse… even in silent :-)

My goal is to capture moments or timeless objects.
How to say… It happens today, but it could have been in the past… with a hint of mystery.” Vitùc


Vitùc’s favorite settings: Hipstamatic / Objectif John S / Film Inas 1969


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