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Hipstamatic in Motion

Look at that video ! Vitùc made a short film by assembling 2500 images shot with his Iphone during one day using Hipstamatic App.

I have heard that Instagram was intending to launch a video version of its current photo sharing app.

This film is very poetic and shows how close to photography film making is.

After that video, you can read Vitùc’s interview.

P : Pierre   V : Vitùk

P : Vitùk, Tell us about your background ?

V : I am a self-taught videographer based in Luxembourg. I am a non-professional but really passionate about film, photography, painting, reading and… cooking. I have been making movies for about 20 years and mainly with Canon DSLR 7d & 5d for 3 years.

P : How do you work ? How do you choose your subjects ?

V : My work is almost always spontaneous, simple and minimalist inspired by everyday life. It is about visual stories, fragments of life. I mix impressionist, expressionist, experimental and poetic styles. My emotions are my only guide.

P : Tell us more about the editing moment.

V : Editing images on music is a magical moment for me, as well as doing calibration. I love working alone. Sometimes I participate in the creation of short films or video clips.

P : How do you see the relationship between photography and movies ?

V : Practising photography gives you both sense of placing the camera and also the facility of controlling a DSLR when making a movie.

P : Can you explain how you built the Iphone film « Yesterday » ? How did you get the idea to make a film with your Iphone using Hipstamatic pictures ?

V : A few months ago, I bought this “little thing” that can do almost everything even going back in time, hence the title of the film. Of course I talk about the iPhone. With this “thing”, I also discovered the Apps’ world. Very quickly, I realized that the quality of the 4s allowed me to create really good stuff. Looking for an App in photo & video category, I discovered Hipstamatic. I fell immediately in love with both retro and the unique look of pictures : a nostalgic look with surrealist colors. Hipstamatic provides vibrant photos generating much more emotion than traditional photography. Then, I had both the idea and the great desire to animate these images into a kind of timelapse.

P : Technically, how long did it take to make the film ?

V : For the film “Yesterday”, I took about 2500 photos to get the result (of course by removing some plans). The editing was made in 10 hours. I was lucky to find this wonderful music by Reid Willis, to whom I sent the link of the film. Reid was delighted with the result.

P : Thank you Vitùc !

Vitùc won both national and international awards, including a music video for David Lynch ( that has been awarded “runner up” in a competition organized by

Below are some photographs from the film :