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HIPSTAMATIC D-Type plate film used by director Vito Labalestra

HIPSTAMATIC D-Type Plate film inspired the director Vito Labalestra aka Vitùc.

We already posted two time-lapse videos by this artist of moving images.

Here is a new poetic story called “CHIAROSCURO” that we absolutely wanted to share with you.

Vitùc accepted to tell us about this new video shot with an iPhone and Hipstamatic App / Tinto 1848 + D-Type Plate.
A very interesting point of view by this great visual storyteller.

“In that kind of exercise, you really feel back to the era of silent film.” Vitùc

Please click on the image below to play the video.


Chiaroscuro from Vitùc on Vimeo.


About this film and Hipstamatic App / Tinto 1848 + D-Type Plate:
“When I discovered the new Hipstamatic Tinto 1848 lens and the new D-type and C-type Plate films, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

This also gave me a new desire to take pictures with Hipstamatic after a long pause.
So I immediately began to experiment with Tinto 1848 lens and more specifically with D_type Plate film in black and white.

I find the filter is well done, but you have to learn how to master it. I read somewhere that this filter was made especially for portraits but when I did my first tests, I realized that you could use it for many subjects.

I was in Italy when I discovered the pack, with so many beautiful topics to explore…
I had all my time. I took 4000 photos in all for my film project for which I had no title yet.
I enjoyed making stop-motion objects as well as adding traveling when i was walking.
I selected only 700 pictures for the film that I finally called “CHIAROSCURO”.

In fact, some pictures seem to be painted with ink or charcoal.
Sometimes the light dominates, sometimes the darkness takes over, but the mixture of both gives life to the image.

In that kind of exercise, you really feel back to the era of silent film.
You feel like reinventing a way to do things differently, but also to slow down, to observe, to rediscover your child’s eyes and to make the invisible visible.

In short, lots of pictures and a lot of patience, a lot of fun for a little bit of magic that I wanted to share with those who can appreciate it.

Finally, I find that accompanied by the music of my friend David Ianni, pianist and composer, the result is beautiful… especially emotional!” Vito Labalestra.