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Emotion of the Week is @kasia_kasica

Emotion of the week is Kasia Kasica / @kasia_kasica on Instagram. Kasia takes photographs to express her inner thoughts and emotions, to share and to remember moments.
She uses Instagram as her visual diary.

I love Kasia’s photographs and the way she sees the world around her. I feel something unique in her photos.

Here is a short interview along with some of their photographs. Discover this true Artist !

“I’m shooting still on analog nikon f5. I love 35 mm. I love the smell of stock and the way I work when I have only 36 shots.” Kasia



P : Pierre K : Kasia

P : Kasia, where do you come from and what is your occupation ?

K : I’m from Lodz, I live in Warsaw and I work as educator in Chopin Museum. I studied philosophy, ancient languages, cultures studies, film and theatre directing in Polish National Filmschool in Lodz.

P : What is your relationship with photography ? How long have you been taking photographs with your Iphone ?

K : My photos are my personal visual diary. I have started taking mobile photos with Sony Ericsson k801 and then with iPhone 3GS. The connection between ‘iPhone & i’ as I’ve titled one of my project become like between good horserider and his horse ;-)



P : Is the iPhone your only camera ? Any DSLR ?

: I dont have DSLR camera. I’m shooting still on analog nikon f1. I love 35 mm. I love the smell of stock and the way I work when I have only 36 shots. During my last trip in Vietnam just on the very beginning of our journey, someone stole my nikon f810 with its beautiful carl zeiss 50 mm 1.4 lens which my friend Slawek Berganski lent me. :-( It was painful. The photos I took in ethnic villages from the north of Vietnam were inside. I wish the thief will at least if not take some nice photos will develop mines. Iphone saved me ! My best friends Agnieszka Glinska and Kasia Jarnuszkiewicz who also took many beautiful shots helped me to survive almost two weeks without any camera.





P : Before posting on Instagram, you don’t edit so much, do you ?

: On instagram, I’m using most of the time the early bird toaster n 1977 from time to time also Sutro and Apollo. I haven’t upgrade the new versions of instagram so I have the old early bird which i like more than the new one. I take photos with my iphone then i decide if i want to share it on instagram. If i need to reframe it, i’m doing that but very often its a full frame / i like the square format / i named one of my folder “square poems” cause i like haiku :-)

P : I feel a great sense of framing in your photographs. Where does it come from ? What are your main sources of inspiration ?

: The biggest influence on me was my father who worked in film industry in 70’s and was projecting almost each night fairy tales on my ceiling or walls. We had only 10 stories so after awhile we started to invent our own ones. He was telling me the stories from the film set, about light and directors visions. My grandfather had 16 mm arriflex camera but he didnt allowed me to touch it. He was saying to me “Its not the right moment Kasia”. After my grandmother death he not even let me to touch it, he gave it to me. It was our last meeting. After a week he died. Two years after I was calling myself a film and theatre director. On the first year I directed my first short documentary on 35 mm. I love the sound of camera rollin. It always makes me horny. ;-) Kubrick, Saura, Tarkovsky, Antonioni, Wong-Kar Wai, Denis, Ramsey, McKenzie, Arnold to name only few of my masters. In photography, a huge impact on me had my friends photographers n cinematographers Filip Jesionek, Slawek Berganski, Brian Sweeney, Levan Kakabadze and Christopher Doyle :-)

My biggest inspiration is music.


P : Do you have any new artistic projects ?: On 10 10 10 I started with my friend Patrycja Planik video art project titled “Kas&Pat” – make up off’ everyday, shot by shot with canon 350d using only image and music in short clips we were telling our personal stories and uploading them on Vimeo. We’ve sent the first clip titled ‘ together’ for the vimeo project “one day on earth” and we got into the film which the international premiere will take place on 22nd April 2012. This year on 11 11 11 I started a new project “to/get/her'”on tumblr. So follow me n try to/get/her ;-)I’m also asking to myself “can I hear music in my photographs ?” I feel that my new project will be about that.

P : Very interesting ! Thank you so Much Kasia !

To discover more :
IG : @kasia_kasica