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Emotion of the week is Dave Weekes

Let me introduce one of the most talented mobile photographers I have ever seen on Instagram  : Dave Weekes from Japan.

IG : @daveweekes68

The first time I saw Dave’s photographs, I was immediately stunned.

Here is a short interview of Dave along with some of his wonderful images.

Dave’s gallery is so intense that it has been very difficult to make a selection. His work is a mix of black and white and color photographs masterfully edited.

The best advice I can give you is to visit his stream on IG. Truly amazing !  Enjoy !


“I really find it difficult to articulate my feelings through writing and I can’t draw to save my life, so photography is my voice.” Dave Weekes.

P : Pierre D : Dave
P : Dave, can you tell us about yourself ? Where do you live ? Are you a professional photographer ?

D : I live in Tokushima on the lovely island of Shikoku in western Japan. I am not a professional, although I would dearly love to make my living from this. I have had a varied background regarding work, I currently work as an educator.

P : How long have you been taking photographs with your mobile phone ?

D : For almost two and a half years now.  I started with an iPhone 3GS and now use an iPhone 4.




P : Do you also take photographs with a DSLR or any other camera ? How do you see the emergence of Mobile photography ?

D : Yes, I also shoot with a Nikon D80, but not nearly as often.  I see a convergence of regular digital photography and mobile photography.  As traditional digital cameras add more editing features and allow for Internet connection and mobile phone cameras increase optic quality and resolution there might not be much of a difference in the future between the two. The greatest thing to come from the emergence of mobile photography is the community that has developed through social networks and apps that allow for sharing and interacting with fellow image makers.



P : I am really impressed by the artistic quality of your photos. Where do you find inspiration ?

D : Thank-you very much!  I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  Photography is the most natural form of expression for me.  I really find it difficult to articulate my feelings through writing and I can’t draw to save my life, so photography is my voice.

P :  Without revealing to many secrets, can you tell us about your editing process on IG ?

D : Well, first of all I am happy to explain how I edit.  I hold no secrets.  If I’m asked what apps I used or how I edited I always reply.  As I like to experiment with new apps and pursue new ideas I use a wide variety of apps and processes.  I don’t have one single formula for all my images.



P : Do you print your photographs ?

D : I haven’t had any printed professionally, other than images that have been exhibited in the group shows that I’v been involved in. All of those shows have been either in Europe or the USA, so I haven’t actually seen them in person.  I do, however, print images at home with my consumer-grade printer.

P : Any master of photography that you admire ?

D : I like a wide variety of photographers, too many to list.  A few that I’d like to mention are Ernst Haas, Bill Brandt, and Saul Leiter.

P : Any movie, book, artist, country,… that you recently discovered and that moved you ?

D : I recently discovered Saul Leiter, thanks to a recommendation from @konstructivist.  On a personal level, I and my wife and kids, have just moved to a new house.  It’s really a dream come true for us and is providing me with a very satisfying and inspiring environment.
P : Do you have any mobile photo project to come ?

D : I have a million ideas and projects that I’d like to work on.  Finding the time, though, is a challenge.  Most often I’ve shot and created images purely for the fun of it, there has been no real purpose or goal in mind.  However,  I would like to become more focused with my work, to approach it more professionally.  I do plan on publishing a book this year and hope to collaborate with other mobile photographers on some projects.

Below are a few more images from David’s IG stream.



P : Thank you very much Dave !