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@der_frau from Karlsruhe

SabineInstagram: @der_frau

We are pleased to welcome Sabineaka @der_frau from Karlsruhe | GERMANY in our Mobile Photography Gallery. Minimalism on the streets might sum up her style. Sabine tells us about this photograph as well as about her technique and influences.


“I’m inspired from all the people on Instagram, the different point of view on their subject, the different kind of edits.”


This picture was taken with the iPhone camera on an early sunny day in my hometown Karlsruhe/Germany. In this case it was a quick shot from the hip, not well considered. So too much light and the blurred person almost made me delete this picture, but the colors and the mood of the woman let me started with the edit.



I always start with Snapseed for cropping and the first steps like contrast, sharpen and so on. Then, for this picture, I used Kitcam for the color (superfade) and softness (ovaltilt) and at least Scratchcam for the texture. At the end Snapseed again.



I started on IG by chance with pictures of architecture, landscapes, flowers, then I came to minimalism. Finding a gallery with street let me started  to make streetphotography. I’m inspired from all the people on IG, the different point of view on their subject, the different kind of edits! I certainly have my favorit photographers there, and I always try to learn to make it better, not always successful.


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