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David Green’s from Perth


David Green – Instagram and Backspaces: @mypaintinglife


We are pleased to welcome David Green, aka @mypaintinglife from Perth | AUSTRALIA in our Mobile Photography Gallery.

David tells us about this picture as well as about both his technique and influences in the field of photography.


“I find now that my oil painting and photography is converging and I am getting huge inspiration from mobile photography.”



“This image was taken on a recent photo walk through the back streets of Kuala Lumpur. I love exploring new places with my camera, and I was hoping to capture some of the grittiness and mystery of the place and its people.”



“All my photos are taken with an iPhone4. This was taken using Pro Camera using the exposure control to deepen the shadows.  I generally compose and crop first in Snapseed, lowering the contrast and saturation. I prefer to start this way and increase the saturation gently during the edit process. This shot was then edited in PhotoForge2 to add a Gaussian blur and noise. PS Express to use the Reduce Noise adjustment to smooth out the edges and try and achieve a soft focus feel. I often cycle between PhotoForge and PS Express a number of times with incremental changes and may end up using Blender to combine a couple of edits to get the right result. I am trying to stay close to my painterly instincts which does not mean I want the photo to look like a painting but more to achieve a feeling of depth, layers and hidden edges. On this image I finished up in Snapseed using the selective adjustment for brightness and saturation.”



“I have been painting in oils for a long time, and only recently re-discovered a love for photography. I don’t treat the two as distinct art forms, I enjoy both equally and allow each to influence the other. Most of my influences are from the painting world, such as Hopper, not only for his use of colour, but his exploration of public spaces as a theme in his work. One of my greatest influences is a little known Australian painter, Clarice Beckett, an early tonalist painter. Of course also there is Gerhard Richter and his wonderful photo paintings. I find now that my oil painting and photography is converging and I am getting huge inspiration from mobile photography – not just my own but the work of others. I have started to focus my painting on interpreting the images taken by other mobile photographers (with their consent) – the sources of inspiration here is very exciting.”