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Black and White Street Portraits by @docmigz

Black and White Street Portraits are the speciality of Migz, aka @docmigz on Instagram.

A Street photographer from Cebu, in the Philippines,  Migz mainly takes photos in black and White using his iPhone 4.

Migz has a recognizable style. His strong portraits are often taken very close to his subjects and we can feel both a singular and very well controlled editing process.

Being a from-the-hip aficionado requires a great sense of observation. Migz knows perfectly where to stand when he takes his photographs.

He manages to take outstanding pictures that are also full of tenderness.

As a passionate street photographer, Migz participated in the #24HourProject (See @24hourproject on Instagram for details) and has recently showed us a very touching series called “The Real Superhero” where he portrays the real super heroes of the world : Mothers!

Migz did not escape from the #9ofPride wave on Instagram where a lot of people were asked to choose their top 9 favorites shots and to post them on Instagram. So I asked Migz to tell us about his selection here. A good way to understand better his approach as a Street Photographer!

“Before I’ll discuss my #9ofpride photos I wanna say something about my style in street photography. I shoot candid street portraits and I usually do this by taking a snap from-the-hip and mostly aimed blindly to the direction of the subject. I also pretend to do something else while I secretly “pushing” the shutter button of my iPhone4 and hope I get a good frame. And I don’t talk to the subjects. I shoot and walk away.” Migz.

“For my selected photos for the #9ofpride tag it wasn’t easy to choose but I had to trust the first 9 photos that came into my mind when I was tagged.” Migz.

The butcher of Toledo
“I like the image of the butcher mostly from the technical aspect, the light seem to be perfect as it helps shape the body of the person. His expression also added to the atmosphere that the photo was a bit scary as if he’s gonna hurt you and a lot of viewers shared that feel too.”


Thinking ahead
“I like it because of the texture of the face of the guy. His closed eye on the left and with the right eye with a cataract added so much emotion. The print on his back which I only noticed after also put a twist on the photo.”


The Joy of a Father
“This is my favorite of all. I saw this young family with the father outside the mall while his wife and baby on the window on the 2nd floor inside a fast food restaurant and the father happily waving at them. I went closer and took the photo from hip towards up to his family. After I processed the photo I was so happy and touched on what I have captured, the father looking up to his family while the wife happy that his husband has arrived and the baby was actually happy and smiling too. As a father, I can really connect with this photo.”


I’m coming home
“I like it because of the character of the old lady. The dress, the luggages she is carrying, and her expression has made this a very nice portrait.”


Top 5 regrets
“It’s no wonder why elderly people makes good portraiture because of the wrinkles and expression that imparts their life story.”


A Love like No Other
“The photo of the mother holding her son is one of my all-time favorite too. When I took the photo I wished it was already Mother’s day so could dedicate it to all the mother’s out there. But I just couldn’t wait so I upload earlier then re-post it again just recently as the final photo of my “The Real Superhero” series in honor of all mothers. The photo reminded me immediately of the Pieta so I edited the photo in such a way that a faint beam of light coming from above can be seen. And it was perfect as the mother also looked at the direction of the source of light as if to indicate holiness.”


Alone with myself
“The 7th photo of man with his shadow won a monthly theme challenge from the awesome team of @streetphoto_bw and I like how the shadow was casted on the lone man.”


Bad Patenting
“I like for it’s photo documentary characteristic. I secretly took a photo of that old man sitting on the bench but when reviewed the photo later I was stunned to see that frame included a mother breastfeeding her baby while smoking. I also snapped the picture just in time that the old man closed his eyes as if in disgust of scene behind him.”


Where is your foot Grandma ?
“Finally the last photo, that of a boy curiously peeking inside the pants of the amputated limb of his grandmother is something you don’t see everyday. The actually asking “where is your feet Grandma?”.”


“So those are the reasons behind my #9ofpride photos. Some are based on technical aspect as a photo, and some are because of the stories behind it and how they connected with me as a father, husband, or human.”

Thank you very much Migz! Keep up your great work in the streets.


IG : @docmigz