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@billygomez from Seoul

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Today, we are pleased to welcome biLLy GoMeZ from Seoul | SOUTH KOREA

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biLLy GoMeZ

Instagram and EyeEm: @billygomez



“The moment and atmosphere are a recurring theme. I have the good fortune of being immersed in it while going to and from my office. Living in a major metropolitan city is a lot like living in a dream… but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that on occasion it can even be like living in a nightmare… but yeah, most of the time I try to take of advantage of what’s good.”



“I took this picture and almost all the ones I post to Instagram and EyeEm with an iPhone 4s and Hipstamatic. It’s a magical combination that more than suits my needs. This photo, like most in my feed are the result of luck and persistence. The occasional reward (a picture worth sharing) and the unobtrusive nature of the iPhone make this disease, a constant sickness… that I hope I never find the cure for.
For post processing, I use Snapseed, Scratchcam, and Lo-Mob to name a few. Hipstamatic is a good starting point for PP. The more I use it, the less PP I find is necessary.”




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