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@beatkerouac from New York

StevenInstagram: @beatkerouac

Street Photography in NYC is a dream for many mobile photographers.
We are pleased to welcome Steven, aka @beatkerouac from New York | USA in our Mobile Photography Gallery. Steven has not been taking photographs for a long time but his gallery on Instagram is already full of interesting shots. He tells us about this photograph, especially about the editing process.

“I am a people watcher; I have been since I can remember. Living in New York City gives me a chance to see so many amazing people, all with such different characteristics.  I have been shooting candid street photography for about 8 months now.  I love shooting on my Iphone 4 but even more I love the editing process.”



This picture was taken in late January on a mild winter day, early in the morning after a rain shower.  I had just gotten an app called Night Modes, which is an app to take better, clearer low light pictures at night.  Back when this was taken I shot mostly from the hip and struggled to get usable photos under cloudy conditions, so I took this app out for a test run and this photo was one of the “keepers.



The editing process started off by bringing the photo into Snapseed, I would begin by opening the Selective Adust tool and  I would adjust certain parts of the images I wanted to stand out.  After that process I would bring it into the Tune Image section and tweak the image just a little more before bringing it onto the Crop section to find the frame I like.  Finally, I brought the photo into VSCO Cam to use the Highlights, Saturation, Contrast and Fade tools before bringing it into the presets section and choosing the one that I like.  My editing style has changed since then, now I use Snapseed and finish with Tiffen Photo fx to fine tune the image.



First I look to the the great photographers of NYC in the 80’s. Richard Sandler and Bruce Davidson are two names that come to mind. They both captured the essence of what it was like on the streets of NEw York City during the 80’s. Also, the Instagram community has been a great inspiration with many people taking to the streets, a lot solely with their smartphones.  Their are so many  great photographers on IG that are able to capture particular moments and raw emotion, that is truly inspirational!!