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BACKSPACES | the new killer app?


BACKSPACES lets you tell stories with photos and words.

“A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes one word can make all the difference” Adrian Sanders

This quote by Adrian Sanders, co-founder at Backspaces, sums up the idea behind the latter fashionable app for iPhone.

The new social sharing platform focuses on storytelling.
Unlike Instagram which offers a real time one-photo stream, Backspaces makes people more reflective.
You have to think as an author, to order your images and to build a story.

It is clear that this new app has already seduced many famous photographers from Instagram among with Dan Cristea | @konstruktivist, who is one of the early adopters of this new platform.
Dan whose work is one of the finest we have seen so far on social networks dedicated to photography believes that Backspaces has a promising future.

You will find below a story by Dan, showing the way stories are presented on the screen of your iPhone.

Backspaces team has built a well designed and fluid interface in a short time.
It is very encouraging to observe that the founding team at Backspaces interacts a lot with users. This proximity is a good sign!

Here is an INTERVIEW with Adrian Sanders, co-founder at Backspaces.
Adrian tells us more about the uniqueness of the app.


P: Pierre      A: Adrian


P: Hi Adrian, nice to meet you. Where do you live?

A: We live in Brooklyn, New York but hail from Oregon, Toronto, and Maryland.

P: How many people are involved in Backspaces?

A: Three:




P: How came the idea of this app?

A: Dmitri was working on an app to document the walks he would make through Manhattan. It started as photo points on a map. As we were playing around with it, I realized that the most compelling elements were the photos, not the map route at all.The notion of time passing as seen through the sequence of photos made me realize that story was the magic part.

P: How long have you been working on this idea?

A: We started working on it in late May (Dmitri built the prototype in 2 or 3 days) and then had a soft launch into the App Store on Sept 1st.

P: Are you familiar with other social sharing platforms?

A: Yeah we’re pretty active on other channels like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and, yes, Instagram.

P: What is your goal as a start-up?

A: We want to be a creator friendly place that is the BEST service for creating, sharing, and discovering stories in this format.

P: I feel that your app is seducing some great “instagramers” passionate about photography. How do you explain that?

A: Every great photographer has told me that they are storytellers first, technical photographers second. Taking photos is a way of understanding the world. Text can help add or shift perspective in unique ways. Put those two together and you have something special.

Most importantly, we find that people like that Backspaces gives them more breath. Instagram, with its real time one-photo stream can be overwhelming and also jarring. We hope that Backspaces makes people more reflective, and gives them the time and space they deserve to really say something.

P: If I tell you “a picture worth a thousand words”. What do you answer? Why adding words to our pictures?

A: A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes one word can make all the difference ;)

P: Could you tell us about future updates?

A: You’ll see much more exploring and social features on web ( As of yesterday, we added in a better tag search on web, as well as a simple notifications page. Lots more to come on web. In App – you’ll see a strong community approach to tags, topics, and users. We believe that without strong communities, trust from our users, and a platform where everyone benefits we cannot succeed.

P: Thanks you very much Adrian, and good luck to Backspaces!